non-combat stats Edit

travel distance

resource generation

- ore

- lumber

- runes

- gizmos


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STR / INT / AGI (or DEX?)

obvious advantages: 3 distinct buildings per faction, each with multiple upgrades to allow build counterplay (like reactive item purchases that mobas have been attempting/failing forever)

those buildings could also serve as where/how to recruit respective heroes (when more are needed in v2)

example of military value combat:

1000 > 900 

example of stat combat:

100 STR / 50 INT/ 50 AGI versus 50 STR / 100 INT / 50 AGI

AGI is equal, no effect

50 more STR vs 50 more INT = advantage is equal = 50/50 win chance (that's where i got stuck because it wouldn't reward strategy/counter-building, always 50/50)

only alternative i could think of:

1 of 3 stats is randomly selected each battle, whichever side has higher of selected stat wins (or the stat is compared like above)